Trackmania plugins, scripts, and more...
  NameVersion  DescriptionMore    
1.NOUSE BETTING 1.8.1 Fully configureable betting plugin Details
2.NOUSE BUTTON 1.0.1 XAseco plugin to display a single manialink button. Details
3.NOUSE ENTRANCE 2.0.1 A nice door men plugin Details
4.NOUSE LINK 1.1.1 Displays 3 links as manialink buttons Details
5.NOUSE MESSAGE 2.0.1 A fully 'on the fly' configureable text field Details
6.NOUSE RANDOMPAY 1.0.1 Pay planets to a random player at rounds end. Details
7.NOUSE RECORDS 1.1.1 Get coppers for earning top 3 records Details
8.NOUSE RSSREADER 1.1.1 Display RSS feeds ingame Details
9.NOUSE SONG 1.0.1 Display a single manialink with actual song Details
10.NOUSE WINNING 1.2.1 Pays coppers for top 3 players at end of round Details