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Display a manialink window, and configure all style and content via chat commands.


Everything is configureable via the config file, all values in config are initial values.
Everything like text, interval, position, size and style can be changed onthefly via admin chat commands.
For styles/substyles check Fish Styles

All new values given by chat commands are saved in config.
The chatcommand is made of 3 parts.
/[initial] [param] [value]

Command list:
/msgmod... for the initial command, have to be in front.
- ....text 'text' will add a new message to the existing ones.
- ....text(1,2,3....) to display the particular message.
- ....text(1,2,3....) 'text' to edit the particular message.
- ....text(1,2,3....) '' to delete the particular message.
- ....textcount to display the amount of messages stored.
- ....interval 'seconds' for the interval, 0 for static text.
- ....random '0/1' for ordered or random messages.
- ....toggle '0/1' to enable/disable the toggle function (F7) show/hide.
- ....mpos 'x y' for the main position (n.nn, n = numbers).
- ....msize 'x y' for the window size of window (n.nn, n = numbers).
- ....tsize 'n' (1 - 10).
- 'Mania Style' for the window style.
- ....substyle 'Mania substyle' for the substyle.



Configure in nouse_message_config.xml


Copy plugin.nouse.message.php into plugins folder.
Copy nouse_message_config.xml into xaseco root.
Add to plugins.xml :

Configure to your needs.



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