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  1. 13/07/2012 00:20: New nouse_betting version for TMF, hopefully a bugfix for the stolen coppers issue. Pls test it.

  2. 16/05/2012 19:00: "News" feature at web site, see the latest changes regarding scripts and page.

  3. 16/05/2012 19:00: Bugfix in X2 randompay, now the minimum server planets aren't ignored anymore!!

  4. 15/05/2012 18:00: New "Contact" page for contacting me via email.

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You can download and use all my scripts free of charge.
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as well as i shall not be responsible in case any damage to your system or database.

I use all my scripts by my own without any problems.

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I appreciate any donation, if you like my scripts.

Have fun using my scripts.

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