Trackmania plugins, scripts, and more...



Script bundle for Trackmania servers with xaseco, running on linux or windows server.

- main controler, incl user and server management
- server status display, incl actual player names and server coppers
- delete cheatrecs, modified to be able to delete single records of a given login
- prune track script, to delete older tracks from database, which are not in tracklist anymore
- server logviewer with seperate log path for each server and option to display trackchanges too
- track backup script to create zip file with actual tracks incl tracklist and path
- server control page, only linux systems , need some system adjustments, incl log view, and linux shell scripts for start/stop/restart servers
- clan members server ranking display for each server
- clan member online list combined with server chat


Just login with 'Admin' / 'admin', then create a new user and change it to active state in 'Manage Users'. After login with your own user account and change admin to non active.
Servers and users can be modifies via interface. Only some main settings must be set in files directly. Of course you can do all settings in the xml files.
To enable/disable a tool go to 'User management' or modify tools.xml .
It's also quite easy to add more tools, just prepare the script itself and add it into tool.xml .


All configs like database connection data, maxrecs , mode and blacklist file can be modified in config.php .
The UNIX_START.SH / WIN_START.BAT file is for crontab/task scheduler usage, or in any other case of using the script for more than one server.


Copy the folder to your web server. Except the scripts inside the SHELL_CONTROL_SCRIPTS folder. These scripts have to be in your tmf folder.
- read the readme.txt
- call page in your browser
- chmod neccessary files
- login with Admin / admin
- add/change user settings via interface
- some settings must be set on your server itself, in case script dont work. specially for the state control interface.
- you may have problems with, try one of the others gbx.remote files in Classes folder.

Chmod777 folders and files:
- /log/*
- /xml/*
- /tools/Trackbackup/backup.log
- /tools/Trackbackup/zip

- /xml/server.xml mysql settings
- standard tracklist path over all servers
- shell path for linux scripts, if using Control plugin
- shell script

- php_admin_value open_basedir none in php.ini or http.conf
- php_admin_flag safe_mode off in php.ini or http.conf
- server user must be tmf
- sudo must be enabled

You may add in /etc/sudoers :

The first user View must be kept if you want to open the View only pages without login in. View is used to configure this possibillities. If View is Active and pages are enabled it's possible to call the 'view only' pages with the same link as it is after login.
ATTENTION: not all pages available.

Sample links:



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