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This is a shell script to update xaseco semi automatic.


The script will copy and compare files automatically.
If there is any difference it will open the editor for edition of the files.
There are options to edit/compare files before start to copy.
You can set a default xaseco folder to update as well as a default aseco.php name
The aseco.php will be renamed if set and chmodded '755'
You also can use two parameter to update more than one xaseco folder.

This script needs the editor vim to work!!!!!!

Usage like './ PATH FILENAME' or './' if a standard is set.
- = xaseco path to update
- = xaseco file name (aseco.php)

======================= VIM/VIMDIFF commands ===============================

All edition is done with vim, commands like that:
i = insert
ESC = exit insertmodus
:w = write file
:q = exit
:q! = exit without saving
/string = jump to string
:syntax on = syntax highlighting on

]do = get the content of the other buffer
]dp = put the content into the other buffer
]ZZ = save and exit buffer
]ww = switch buffer

Copy this file into the same folder as the unpacked xaseco folder from , dont forget to chmod it.



Configs are done in the file itself, and should be self explaining.


Copy this file into the same folder as the unpacked xaseco folder from, dont forget to chmod it.
- vim text editor, unpacked xaseco update in same folder



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