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This bunch of files is made to start|stop|restart and check the state of dedicated server and XAseco server controler running/installed on a linux system.


The start|stop|restart dedi/xaseco is done manually or at server startup.
The automatic status check should be done by crontab, this will create a log file every day sorted by date.
After 7 days the oldest log file will be deleted automaticly.
The log file includes all information of actual state, time and action.

Content of log file:
18:30:03 SAMPLExaseco 1.09 running with pid 3583.
18:30:06 SAMPLEdedi is running with pid 15754.
18:30:08 SAMPLE2xaseco 1.09 running with pid 26083.
18:30:10 SAMPLE2dedi is running with pid 15686.
18:30:44 SAMPLEdedi automatically restarted.
18:30:45 SAMPLExaseco was stopped by operator, no action.

In case of auto restart by status check, the aseco.log will be saved as 'aseco_err_%DATE%.log' in the aseco root. Easy to check the error message afterwards.

The script will also create a PID file with the actual PID number inside the server folder. This file will be used for the status check and to stop the process.
DO NOT delete the PID files manually.
The status page reads the information from the log and convert it into a web view. If you don't run the status check as crontab, it makes no sence to use the page.



Configs are done in each file itself, and should be self explaining.


Read the instructions in each file.
Copy the shell scripts into a folder of your choice, may into your main server folder eg 'Trackmania'.
Copy the status page to your web server folder, the status page must have access to the log files created by shell scipts.



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